A stunning range of acrylic solid surfaces in powerful, intense colours that when applied into interiors will not only give it your personal touch but will also reflect your personality, your taste and even your attitude towards life. Explore the range of Durlax solid surface and discover what it can do to your interiors.

Acrylic solid surface is an ideal solution for many interior and architecture applications. Furthermore, It offers superior design possibilities and excellent long term performance. It can be used both in home and many different commercial environments.

Solid Surface Value Proposition

—  Highly practical, impervious to stains and moisture

—  Seamless, Bendable and Malleable

—  Highly Durable

—  Resistant to mold, chemicals, pollutants and bacteria

—  Homogeneous Surface across the sheet

—  Repairable and restorable to its original condition

—  Available in over 70 rich colors and textures

Applications Areas of Solid Surface Sheets

—  2D/3D Engraving & Thorough cutting using CNC Router

—  Wall cladding

—  Kitchen counter top

—  Back Splash with Coving

—  Kitchen Shutters

—  Counter/Table top

—  Catering Counter Display

—  Vanity

—  Wall Partitions

—  Sink Bowls

—  Mandir

—  Signage

—  Cove Lighting

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